About Ildiko

Ildiko Sramaty

Owner of Femme & Homme Spa Boutique

When I was a young girl in grade 8, like every child I was wondering what would I like to be for the rest of my life. I was always thinking that one day I will become a fashion designer, until one day my mom handed me an article to read about this girl that was an aesthetician. That article and that girl made such an impact on me that I decided that I will be an aesthetician and for the rest of my life. I will help women to feel good about themselves.

I became an aesthetician in 1973 in Bratislava, Slovakia where I practiced as an aesthetician until 1984 when I immigrated to Canada. Here I went back to school to learn first English and then to Blanche McDonald Career College. In those days it was required to be a licensed aesthetician by the government of BC to be able to practice as an aesthetician. In 1985 I started my first job in Vancouver at Bianches on South Granville, a year later I started renting a room in Kerrisdale where I practiced for 10 years. In 1995 I took over Femme Skin Care & Cometics and run it for the last 23 years.

Throughout the years as our industry was changing I was taking different courses to expend my knowledge in the field that I love so much. I trained in Paris with Darphin, attended the trade shows year after year in Hungary the United States and Canada, studying to certify in specialty areas.

* Advanced Skin Analysis

* Understanding Wound Healing,

* Keratinocyte life cycle 

* Rosacea cellular triggers and classification

* Hormonal mediated skin conditions

* Non-inflammatory Acne

* Microneedling (collagen induction therapy)

I am further qualified in these areas:

* Certified Oncology Esthetician 

* Skin Diagnostic Technician 

* Member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy.